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Let's Gut Real - Easy to Digest Nutrition Science

Making nutrition science accessible and easy-to-digest. Andrea Hardy, Canada’s Gut Health Dietitian, is on a mission to connect people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information about gut health and digestive disorders. Nutrition misinformation is rampant. If nutrition advice online scares you, it’s probably not true. Let’s Gut Real is all taking the fear out of nutrition messaging, cultivating critical thinking, and helping you understand nutrition science. Andrea talks with guests about digestive health, the gut microbiome, hot nutrition topics, and nutrition misinformation, sharing messages that are easy to consume and that inspire sustainable action. Andrea likes to say her goal is to get people to take nutrition a little less seriously – which may come as a surprise coming from a dietitian. Through humour, she injects fun into her science-based media messages. After all, poop jokes aren’t her favourite kinda jokes, but they are a solid #2.

Mar 19, 2020

I've been getting an overwhelming amount of questions about COVID-19 and probiotics, IBD, IBS, and immunity. I wanted to take some time to answer these in a simple way for our listeners.

The information was recorded March 19th and therefore, statistics and recommendations may change - always check with your doctor.

We cover:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • Why is COVID-19 a concern?
  • Who is most at risk?
  • GI Symptoms and COVID-19 - should I be concerned?
  • "I have IBD and am worried about getting COVID - what do I need to know?"
  • Your gut and your immune system
  • How nutrition plays a role in your immune system
  • Probiotics & COVID-19
  • How to take care of your health during this challenging time


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