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Making nutrition science accessible and easy-to-digest. Andrea Hardy, Canada’s Gut Health Dietitian, is on a mission to connect people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information about gut health and digestive disorders. Nutrition misinformation is rampant. If nutrition advice online scares you, it’s probably not true. Let’s Gut Real is all taking the fear out of nutrition messaging, cultivating critical thinking, and helping you understand nutrition science. Andrea talks with guests about digestive health, the gut microbiome, hot nutrition topics, and nutrition misinformation, sharing messages that are easy to consume and that inspire sustainable action. Andrea likes to say her goal is to get people to take nutrition a little less seriously – which may come as a surprise coming from a dietitian. Through humour, she injects fun into her science-based media messages. After all, poop jokes aren’t her favourite kinda jokes, but they are a solid #2.

Aug 4, 2020

Today I interview Dr. Kumkum Sarkar Patel on gut motility in functional gut disorders, what normal motility is, and how and why this changes in pregnancy.

Dr. Patel explains:

  • what gut motility is
  • what the timing for normal motility is
  • types of tests to diagnose motility disorders & dysfunction
  • reasons why gut motility changes
  • self management of gut motility issues and why a diagnosis is so important
  • why do disturbances in motility occur IBS and other functional gut disorders
  • how does pregnancy influence motility in the gut
  • common gut symptoms in pregnancy
  • what to do during and after pregnancy to manage digestive symptoms
  • the overlap between pregnancy and an IBS diagnosis

You can follow Dr. Patel on Instagram @dr.gut_motility