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Let's Gut Real - Easy to Digest Nutrition Science

Making nutrition science accessible and easy-to-digest. Andrea Hardy, Canada’s Gut Health Dietitian, is on a mission to connect people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information about gut health and digestive disorders. Nutrition misinformation is rampant. If nutrition advice online scares you, it’s probably not true. Let’s Gut Real is all taking the fear out of nutrition messaging, cultivating critical thinking, and helping you understand nutrition science. Andrea talks with guests about digestive health, the gut microbiome, hot nutrition topics, and nutrition misinformation, sharing messages that are easy to consume and that inspire sustainable action. Andrea likes to say her goal is to get people to take nutrition a little less seriously – which may come as a surprise coming from a dietitian. Through humour, she injects fun into her science-based media messages. After all, poop jokes aren’t her favourite kinda jokes, but they are a solid #2.

Dec 14, 2021

Feeling full, nausea and vomiting are all symptoms of gastroparesis, yet other gut conditions can present like this too – so how do we know which it is? This week I interview Dr. Linda Nguyen on gastroparesis and other digestive disorder look-alikes like IBS, functional dyspepsia, cyclic vomiting syndrome and how she...

Nov 9, 2021

We discuss how the psychosocial approach to patient care, which looks at both the psychological and social aspects of a patient’s life, impacts a patient’s symptoms and overall quality of life.

This week I interview Johannah Ruddy on the psychosocial approach to IBS treatment.

Johannah Ruddy is a national expert,...

Oct 12, 2021

Did you know, how you experience bloating can say a lot about what is going on in your gut? Bloating and distension can give us clues as to what is going on in your gut and how to best help!

This week I interview Tamara Duker Freuman, RD on IBS symptom language and why it's KEY to understanding what a patients...

Sep 14, 2021

Diary is a highly debated food. Does it contain hormones? Does it cause inflammation? This week I interview RD Lauren Twigge on how dairy is shaped by media perception and what the research shows.

Lauren Twigge is a Dallas based registered and licensed Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and...

Aug 10, 2021

Stress has a profound impact on our bodies. It impacts our nervous system by way of altering the gut-brain connection. Some people experience stress in the form of hypermotility (as seen with IBS-D) and other people experience it as hypomotility (as seen with IBS-C). Learning to manage our mindset is a helpful tool...