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Let's Gut Real - Easy to Digest Nutrition Science

Making nutrition science accessible and easy-to-digest. Andrea Hardy, Canada’s Gut Health Dietitian, is on a mission to connect people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information about gut health and digestive disorders. Nutrition misinformation is rampant. If nutrition advice online scares you, it’s probably not true. Let’s Gut Real is all taking the fear out of nutrition messaging, cultivating critical thinking, and helping you understand nutrition science. Andrea talks with guests about digestive health, the gut microbiome, hot nutrition topics, and nutrition misinformation, sharing messages that are easy to consume and that inspire sustainable action. Andrea likes to say her goal is to get people to take nutrition a little less seriously – which may come as a surprise coming from a dietitian. Through humour, she injects fun into her science-based media messages. After all, poop jokes aren’t her favourite kinda jokes, but they are a solid #2.

Mar 3, 2020

Dr. Ali Rezaie is a gastroenterologist and epidemiologist out of Los Angeles California who practices in and researches irritable bowel syndrome, motility disorders in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and does population-based data analysis. He runs the Rezaie Lab out of Cedars Sinai and has published over 60 research articles in peer-reviewed journals including Gastroenterology, American Journal of Gastroenterology, Digestive Diseases and Sciences and Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology. His works have been cited more than 4,000 times by other scientific journals. Dr. Rezaie serves as the associate editor of the Journal of Digestive Disease and Sciences. He also trained in my home province in both Calgary and Edmonton where I’ve worked – so I feel like we’re connected in that way!  


Dr. Ali Rezaie and I discuss:

  • What is SIBO?
  • The most common causes of SIBO
  • Phases of digestion
  • What tests are evidence-based for SIBO?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of small bowel cultures versus hydrogen and methane breath testing
  • How is SIBO diagnosed
  • Where science is going to diagnose SIBO
  • Is stool testing an appropriate test for SIBO?
  • How do you respond when someone says ‘SIBO isn’t a real diagnosis’
  • What are some current challenges with SIBO diagnosis and what research is needed?
  • Why we need biomarkers for subtypes of IBS
  • Current therapies to treat SIBO
  • How should someone struggling with digestive issues who maybe think they have SIBO get started

Stay up to date on his work on Twitter @AliRezaieMD or through The Rezaie Research Lab.